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dying utah man finds heaven on earth by living in the present


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Evan Gordon
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Evan Gordon exactly the kind of existential punk angst that makes you wanna bleed all over a living room carpet or destroy priceless art. Favorite track: fake anthropology terms.
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zebra cakes 03:52
I was rattling off some junk about the bible No one was listening I was all alone on the grocery aisle I grabbed some pizza, a stick of butter, and peaches I told the clerk to ring me fast I said my work was urgent He looked me right in the eye and said, "You're just like all the rest." And that's when I realized... I don't want to die in Denton I don't want to die too slow I don't want to die a Christian Those bastards wouldn't let me go I met a girl the other day And I met her husband They're pretty cool We're hanging out on Sunday We're going to try and summon the dark lord Satan with a seance We made a Ouija board with her daughter's crayons And the flames roared! And the couple started fucking on the couch And as they moaned I understood there was no way out
Wake up Get drunk To work Take lunch Call up Suzy see if she’s got nothing to do Let her know that I am up for doing nothing too Couch locked Sharp daze Say love Rephrase In the morning both our heads hurt, stomachs churning Broken windows, spilled some milk and carpets burning She can/but I won’t I will/but she don’t She feels/and it hurts We kneal/in the dirt Take out Chinese Split up With ease When the tree falls does it even make a sound If it lands on me is there anyone around These days last forever No need for another measure I would advise you to ignore any other advise which will prove difficult. There’s a lot of wisdom out there
Another hot one Sweltering day in the summer I had a cold one On a bed I could lay with a lover She said, “The center of the soul The absence of a hole Is substance don’t you know Is substance don’t you know” Another bad joke I’m well acquainted with blunders Take a sip of coke And dream of our nuclear bunker She said, “I want to see it all I want a southern drawl Or the voice of monsieur Marceau Or the voice of monsieur Marceau” She came in on a rocket Ain’t that something And left on Hailey’s comet I had a shed I hit my head And all the puss spilled out Another long night This one’s gonna be a bummer We’ll have a big fight And we’ll leave this life for another She said, “I saw god again He says He needs a friend We spend hours on the phone We spend hours on the phone” Another blown load I’ve had my fair share of lumber I was in off mode She was an irrational number she said, “Death is elegant so cold and defiant It’s fine to go alone It’s fine to go alone”
fat rondo 03:05
I will die here I think With my legs in the air Some other body parts in the sink I will live there The Sphinx Until my mouth starts Spewing black ink, GOD DAMN Constructed piecemeal in the image of Jesus I want to get drunk and smash tables to pieces My body is a temple that no one tends to And so when I drink I intend to erase you Covered wholly in the blood of the lamb I want to get TOASTED and live off the land When i check, I want eight sets of footprints in the sand I just want someone up there to respect my demands
Johnny carved a cross in the table Right beside his name He believed he stood for something That would bring him fame Deborah always took what she wanted Now, there's nothing left Johnny asked her out on a date She just stood bereft Colder, getting colder There was nothing left to do Colder, getting colder Whenever I wake up with you Hotter, getting hotter Getting high to watch The View Hotter, getting hotter Complacent next to you Barkley tends bar, works hard, And holsters his cellphone Always saying pseudo-intellectual shit Like we're all going to die alone Juliana was a tarot psychic She predicted Cleo's death She confirmed Barkley's suspicion They never spoke again
god jr 02:47
Dissonant shades/disparate parts adequate size/comparable length composing system/expanding distance Desolate shapes/desperate hearts Bodiless eyes/vanishing strength Transferring friction/meeting resistance All of my means of measuring youth are Dying slowly, dying slowly Every part of this strange frame is Rearranging, rearranging Who will find my body when it's Decomposing, decomposing God is watching from a distance and it's Terrifying, terrifying Distinct motions/deviate thoughts Versatile course/synchronized drops Burrowing under/following instinct Debilitated/Disengaged plots Going nowhere/Getting faster Pulsating horror/breathing gets harder Forming unfolding standard revisions
I’m a little bit wasted My ride home got wasted He says he can sleep this one off This night is definitely wasted I just thought I’d taste it But sensation has long since gone No, no I am not a bum Disregard the notices pasted I’m a god-fearing man I remember being born Underneath the moonrise My mother’s blood got me wasted That’s how I started off Someday soon, God’ll call me up On flames, on angels wings Up to his holy kingdom Then you’ll see, then you’ll all see


seven songs about death made by twenty-somethings. enjoy.


to michael briggs and ari edwards
to all the artists devoting time to the physical release
to the houston texans
to anyone listening


released May 20, 2015

scott - guitar, oral shouts
sean - bass, backup shouts
alexi - drums, backup shouts, theremin, toy piano
michael briggs - sound wizard
ari edwards - cover art

all songs written by KONKLIN and booze


all rights reserved



KONKLIN Denton, Texas

metta world punk suburban apathy salts

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